These Benefits of Squats Will Shock You!


It might be hard to believe, but the secret to building huge muscles is Squatting. The Squat uses every major muscle group, which will help build muscles all over your body.

In this world, there are three types of people: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who are always saying “Oh my God, what happened?”. Those that make things happen know exactly what they want, have figured out how to get it and take the necessary steps to reach their goals no matter what the consequences might be.

Because of their determination, they will eventually achieve whatever they have set their minds to. When they decide that their bodybuilding goals include growing huge, strong muscles, they squat and squat and squat some more until they make this happen. Trust me, you will never see a person with a body like a Hulk who doesn’t squat.

Those that watch thing happen simply stand on the sidelines waiting to see what will happen next. If they can see something work for someone else, then they might or might not try it for themselves. The majority of people are like that. They might want to gain muscle mass and strength, but doing the work is a whole ‘nother story.

Even if these people do incorporate squats into their routine, they will rarely take the time to learn how to do them correctly. After seeing no results and possibly injuring themselves, these people will give up before achieving their goals.

The excuses will include “I got bad knees,” “Squats stunt your growth,” “Squats will mess up my back” or the infamous, “I just want to get toned” (not realizing that squats are an excellent way to make that happen). These excuses are the main reason average Joes stay average. Later in this article, we will address each of these excuses.

“Oh my god, what happened?” people tend to be pretty clueless about the things going on around them. Instead of walking quickly enough to raise their heart rates (which is usually the point of aerobic exercise), they will walk at a leisurely pace on a treadmill while reading a book or talking on the phone then wonder why they are not burning any fat.

These are the folks still doing dumbbell curls while everyone else has moved on to deadlifts, squats and bench presses. These poor souls ask the champs why some people can spend half as much time as others at the gym and still gain bigger muscles, enhanced fitness and other visible results faster. After listening carefully and even taking notes, these folks go right back to reading a darned book on the treadmill.

When asked how they think they will get different results while doing the same old thing, they will say, “You’re lucky, you’ve got good genes.” Anything to avoid having to do something that actually works, like SQUATS.


King of Exercises

The squat, often called the King of Exercises, is grouped together with the bench press and the dead lift as the Big Three for building muscle mass and power. To see bigger muscles and change your physique for the better, you need to squat. There is no other way to go about it.

It is a shame that the squat rack in most gyms collects dust while people use every other piece of equipment. Most people reason that their pants will hide their weak, un-toned legs from view, so it is not necessary to work their legs.

Of course, they realize how wrong they are once they put on swimwear or shorts. People also avoid squats because exercises that work several major muscle groups can be pretty grueling. When you do them right, you will wheeze, huff, pant, get woozy, see stars and sweat from every pore.

Your body will scream “STOP IT!”. You will work muscles in places you did not even realize were there. Of course, any exercise that works 75% of your muscles — including your traps, back, shoulders, abs, hams, calves, gluteus and all the muscles that help them — is bound to be brutal. But this exercise that takes strength and endurance and that taxes your cardio system as well is the best kind of exercise to do.

Think about it: any exercise that promises astounding results must take an astounding amount of work. If it seems too easy, chances are it’s not doing anything. Squats will help you build muscle quickly, burn fat and rev up your metabolism! Not many exercises can say that.

Because the movements are so difficult to perform, squats also make your body release more growth hormone which leads to the development of new muscle growth all over your body. The effects of performing squats will also spill over into other areas helping to strengthen you for all your other lifts. Isn’t that awesome?

I find it absolutely baffling that even with all these benefits of squats, people avoid squatting like it can kill you. If you have trouble gaining, squats are the best way to grow pound after pound of muscle all over your body. In other words, squats are the bodybuilder’s secret to growing big!

After just weeks of squatting with heavy enough weights, the correct form and the right intensity, you will start to see excellent results. It is not just your lower body that will benefit though–your upper body will start to take on a different shape as well. This is the only exercise that can guarantee a total body transformation.

It is important to note that correct form is an absolute must when doing squats because of the heavy weight involved. The last thing you want to do is injure yourself because you are not using the right techniques.

Stick to the proper way of doing squats, and you will be able to safely enjoy all of the benefits that come with this exercise. It might be tempting to substitute squats with leg presses, but you would only be cheating yourself. These are two different classes of exercises and will not achieve the same results.


Debunking Excuses!


1.  Squats are bad for my knees.

Actually, the opposite is true. Working the tendons and other connective tissues in your body will strengthen them and cause them to thicken the same way working muscles causes them to strengthen. In other words, proper squatting actually improves knee health.

Squats also help by strengthening the muscles that support the knees and reducing the stress that daily life places on your knees. Before I started squatting, I suffered from knee pain. Now, my knees are so much better that I can even play competitive soccer.

Incorrect squats, including letting your knees protrude over your toes or resting at the bottom of the movement, can lead to injury. Other than that, they are perfectly fine for your knees.


2.  I have a bad back.

Squats are good for your back for the same reason that they are good for your knees. They help strengthen the connective tissues and build your lower back. When done properly, they can help correct your posture and restore your back to good health.

Of course, if you do the exercises improperly (like bending forward or rounding your back during the movements), you will end up doing more harm than good.


3.  Squats will raise your blood pressure and damage your heart.

Those who use this excuse do not understand how cardio exercise works. Yes, cardio temporarily raises the heart rate which causes an elevation in blood pressure, but this temporary elevation is not dangerous as long as you do not have problems with your heart or blood pressure already. As long as you are healthy, squats won’t do any more damage to your heart than working out on a treadmill or swimming pool.


So, now that I have shown you the benefits of squats above — that this is the best exercise for a total body workout; what type of person will you be? Get off the sidelines and make something good happen for your body!