Before you go ahead and try all means to increase the size of your penis to wow your girl, bear in mind that this question – Is this really what she wants? Maybe you have read all over the place that Penis Size Does Matter!

But is that assumption really true?

Well it’s not a single Yes or No answer.

One point you should understand about female anatomy is that the vagina is made to fit Most penis size. So despite your length, she will stretch (or not, as the case might be) to encompass you. The normal vagina of a woman who has not yet had a child is about 3 inches long! Does that surprise you? And women who already have children have actually about the same size too.

Even when a female is sexually aroused, her vagina is only about 4 inches in length. Pretty much any penis, huge or little will fill a vagina and fit! Numerous women do like the feeling of being filled a little even more and the feeling of her vaginal opening stretching around a hard-rocked penis. And if a penis that is larger than 4 inches comes along, the vaginal cells will exceptionally stretch to take it (presuming it is introduced slowly).


Do Women Care About Penis Size?

The fact is that indeed, most women appreciate penis size. But it’s most likely not what you’re thinking (or panicking about) right now. Many do care, but the majority of do not care that much. And a lot of aren’t trying to find some guy with a 12-inch organ! Some women get excited with big penises and some discover them a little bit terrifying.

Fact is, the majority of females desire a person with a penis that falls within average range, or that is just slightly above the average size. And almost all ladies agree that despite the size of your organ, it is how you use it on them and whether or not you can bring them to an orgasm (regardless of if it’s a clitoral or vaginal orgasm) throughout sex are what more appealing and satisfying to them.

There is even more than one way to offer a woman a brain-shattering orgasm, and they do not all involve a penis. So, you have to gain knowledge of the best ways to utilize your penis, no matter what its size. At the same time learn of the other various other methods you can do to make her delighted with your sex life together.


What Women Really Want

I’m going to list for you what females desire as far as sex goes (these are generalizations as each woman will have her own choices which might or may not be the exact same):

  • A guy who comprehends female anatomy and the best ways to manage it for her enjoyment.
  • A guy who knows even more than one way to produce an orgasm in his partner.
  • A man who has the ability to keep from climaxing too rapidly. See the top premature ejaculation pills that can help you last longer.
  • A man who knows that various positions and different kinds of strokes with his penis will produce different experiences.
  • A guy who pays attention to exactly what is making her delighted.
  • A guy with a penis that has enough length and girth to let her know he’s in there, however not so big that it causes her pain. Check out Male Extra pills that can help increase penis size.
  • So do all females want a man with a huge member? The answer is NO. However, it holds true that the majority of ladies desire a guy with a penis that is excellent (even if for her, that indicates average size).


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