The importance of the repetition and its contribution for the muscle building process was already mentioned, however, there is a question if the position concerning sets is just as obvious, and the answer to that is “no!”

It is believed that only one set to failure is enough, although, other experts claim that the maximum gain of muscles can be achieved only with multiple sets.

Furthermore, research shows that, when exercise is repeated six to eight times, the failure will be at 75-80% 1RM (one rep max). Also, when talking about increasing either muscle size or strength, there is no much important difference between multiple or single sets. Even though, small differences have been noted, and those are: when a single set is completed to failure, it can encourage strength gain, but the following sets have a better impact on the size of the muscle.

So you have to see if the effort and extra time which were expended can justify ultimate improvements regarding size.

Bodybuilding does not remain the same, and the same was said by the couple of experts who have defined lines of achievement differently. In the last few years, it is noted that more and more serious athletes use methods which extend the set out of the point of failure.

This type of method forces the muscle to continue with the work, even though it has experienced the failure in the preceding rep. This method is not easy; strong will, motivation and commitment are needed, but the final rewards are muscle gains which are a product of the overload. Therefore, the training which is so intensive highlights the importance on the need of lifting with sound technique and introducing adequate recovery time.

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