Your Definitive Guide to the Art of Massage


The etymology of the word massage stems from the Arabic word, “massa” which means to touch. Massage is considered one of the most ancient healing arts. It helps that almost everyone can massage, in fact some of us do it without even realizing it.

As you rub your hands together you are massaging, when you stub your toe and rub it you’re massaging. It’s apparent that massage is just a natural thing and the effects of it are great for promoting health in a nice and natural way.


There are numerous ways that massage can help people —


  • Reducing Stress — An average day for people is filled with stress; we can’t help it we are hard working people that have to go through our hurried lives to support ourselves. But stress stems from it and accumulates in our bodies, including our neck, shoulders and backs. When participating in massage therapy the therapist will try to identify the areas of stress and tension and attempt to reduce it as much as possible.
  • Relieving Pain — Massage can help a lot of different types of pain. Pain that comes from, arthritis, whiplash, back and neck injuries, massage can help them. Even those who have to deal with pain from car accidents can use massage. If you are prone to anxiety or depression then you should look into massage as well.
  • Sports — Athletes from all over the spectrum of sports take advantage of therapists to treat and prevent injuries from happening again.



If you want to give another person a massage then here are some thing you can use:

  • Fresh towels
  • A clean sheet, preferably old since oils can stain
  • Candles for romantic evenings
  • Massaging oil

If you are doing this for a romantic evening than you can set the mood with these things:

  • Turn of all phones
  • Get the bed ready with the clean sheet and then roll up the towels for head and neck support
  • Use candles for light instead of artificial lights
  • Get some calm music playing


In order to give an effective and relaxing massage you will need to communicate fully. Letting your partner know what you want to do and where you’re starting will clear anything that might get in the way beforehand. When you begin, start with lighter strokes and get your partner relaxed, then move to a full on massage.


Here’s a short guide for you to consider:

  1. Pour a quarter size of massage oil into your hand and rub both hands together slightly. When it is nice and warm and thoroughly distributed you can begin the massage. Remember long gentle strokes.
  1. Communicate! See if the strokes are at a good pressure and how they feel for them. Try to get a rhythm going and keep moving to a shorter but deeper stroke.
  1. To keep from fatiguing too early in the night, use your body weight for pressure instead relying solely on your arm strength. As you get a rhythm going and you both are satisfied with it you can move onto shoulders and arms, legs and feet, and slightly touching the buttocks.
  1. After awhile ask your partner to flip over. You can jump right into massaging their chest and arms. Make sure to pay attention to your female partners breasts. Don’t jump into that too quickly but don’t downright ignore them. Lightly stroke and touch the undersides and nipples.
  1. After you tease them a lot bit up top you can move down to the legs, sliding past the genitals on the descent. Make sure you pay attention to giving a full body massage which means the front side of the legs and feet. Once you adequately massage them move back up and tease their genitals and inner thighs.


You can use massage as an effective form of foreplay and see how much further you can take it. As the massage wraps up make sure you relax and stay awhile, there is no need to fall asleep right away or head for the door.

Stay awhile! You both enjoyed an intimate experience and can bask in it. If this was your first time massaging someone and you don’t feel confident remember, practice makes perfect. So keep at it!