Over the Counter Erection Pills

The internet is totally flooded with over the counter erection pills that promised to work wonders. If you’re in the hunt to get some then you should be very careful.

There are a whole lot that contains harmful hidden ingredients not on the label and the same number that don’t work.

I’ve been in the enhancement industry since 2006 and there are only a few safe and natural OTC hard on pills that stood the test of time for integrity and effectiveness.

And I have personally used these boner pills to see if they do work.

Actually, I have used many “so called” male enhancement supplements. As time passes, I have filtered out what work and what don’t.

This article would inform you of my findings what “get hard pills” to buy and what you should avoid.


3 Types of Erection Pills That You Can Choose From


Before I go any further, I want to briefly explain to you how boner pills – this is another name for pills to give you a hard erection – works. These sex enhancing pills work by increasing blood flow to your penis.

More blood equals a bigger erection. Also these formulas promote nitric oxide production. Nitric oxide relaxes your muscles.

As the muscles relax throughout your body to your penis, the blood vessels and veins open up more. This allows more blood to run into your organ, making it more engorged, harder and stiffer.

Isn’t this what you want?



So without further ado, lets get into the 3 main types of erection pills that you can buy to help get a strong boner. They are –


1. Prescription ED Pills


First of all, yes, I know you’re looking for over the counter erection pills but I need to remind you of the prescription ED meds.

These pills are like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra etc that your doctor would recommend if you have impotence.

Now there are many Canadian pharmacies selling Viagra and Cialis online. To tell you the truth, I don’t know how legit they are.

Of course there are generic Viagra too, but then again I don’t know if they are safe to use. Nevertheless, I would warn you to stay away from online pharmacies who tender prescription online for Viagra and Cialis.

Their doctor just ask you to fill out an online questionnaire then give a prescription based on that. And you can actually buy the pills right at their website! – how convenient.

The best thing to do if you need prescription erection pills then you need to speak to your doctor. Let him give you a prescription as he would know more about your medical history.

Please note that the original Viagra and Cialis are very expensive – around $69.99 per pill. So do confirm with your insurance if they cover that product.

Your doctor would normally speak to you also about the side effects of using Viagra or Cialis too. This is important information as you should know the risks.

I have heard of stories where men die during sex while taking Viagra.

Oh Oh, I hope that last sentence doesn’t scare you. The bottom line is that men suffering from major ED or impotence needs Viagra or Cialis for fast “hard on” assistance.

Some side effects of these pills are headache, feeling dizzy, heartburn, problems sleeping and so forth – worse case scenario is heart attack during intercourse.

Well according to WebMD, a new study found that men can take Viagra if they have heart disease but only if they can exercise and don’t have symptoms of the disease.

Also they warned that men taking nitrate drugs for heart disease cannot use Viagra. [Source]


2. Gas Station Sex Pills


There are a bunch of “so called” natural and herbal enhancement pills selling at gas stations that you need to be careful of.

Have you ever hear of Rhino pills brand, Rockhard Weekend, Mr. Magic, Duro Extend, Time Out, Tiger 5000 and what have you?

Well, I got bad news for you. They contain undisclosed ingredients like those or similar to the active ingredients found in popular prescription Ed pills. [Source].

These ingredient are the very Sildenafil found in Viagra, Tadalafil found in Cialis, Sulfoaildenafil, Hydroxyhomosildenafil etc.

The thing is, when you scrutinize the label of these pills, you see the general libido herbs’ name and maybe how much mg it contained.

But you would never see the undeclared ingredients above listed.

One bad thing about these ED medications is that you can get an erection unexpectedly. So imagine you’re shopping and suddenly you get an embarrassing erection…

Well you can’t control it. So my friend, be careful what you buy.

Just don’t pop into to a gas station and buy any hard on pills. You need to be prepare. Use a safe male enhancement pills like VigRX Plus.

It is a daily herbal supplement that can make your penis rock hard at any give moment when you’re in the mood.

Your penis would be like an African Black Mamba snake – ready to strike – ready to fill with blood at the slightest sexual provocation.

Anyway, the FDA is cracking down on gas station sex pills. See the list of some pills that are banned and should be off the shelves.

However some gas station do have left over stocks on their shelves – perhaps no one caught up to them as yet. So you the customer, should be vigilant.



3. OTC Natural Hard On Pills


The last category of formulas that can assist you to get hard fast, are pure herbal supplements made from herbs used from ancient times that are known for male enhancement.

Often you may heard doctors or herbalist called them aphrodisiac herbs. Learn more about them here.

Many cultures in the world – for example the Ayurvedic and Chinese – have their own aphrodisiac herbs that they used to enhance erection quality.

Presently there are companies who have formulated their own concoction of these sex stimulant herbs to form their own unique pill.

One such company is Leading Edge Health. They have been in business over 16 years. And they have an excellent Better Bureau of Business rating.

I can attest that their herbal products are very effective and they work. Also thousands of satisfy customers over the years are coming back for more which kept Leading Edge Health surviving this long.

However apart from honest companies, there are companies that knowingly manufacture and sell male enhancement products that are made from inferior and filler ingredients.

These scammers use a weak mixture of the herbs that can only produce no or little results.

So to make story short, why not choose from the following pills that make you hard longer and frequently – as long you use them daily.

These OTC natural hard on pills are from two [2] transparent and reputable companies I have dealings with since 2006.

I have used these supplements below and I see positive results every time – and of course you too! Disclaimer: Results May Vary.



4 Top Rated Pills for Making and Keeping You Hard


Let’s get into the real thing that you want to know.

I have personally used these natural erection pills to see if they actually say what they do – make you super hard and strong for long in bed.

Oh Yeah, they did. Just like that.



#4 Male Extra – A Top Erectile Dysfunction Pill


The first day I popped 3 of these tablets in my mouth I got a boner in about 2 hours. Well the dosage is 3 pills a day.

However I experienced some side effects. First the pills kinda get stuck in my throat. For some reasons the pills are not going down flush in my throat.

And it makes me feel uncomfortable. Like there is an after taste in my throat too and I feel like something is there in my throat.

Also I had a little upset stomach. When I burp I felt a little taste of the pills in my mouth.

Other than the above little side effects, Male Extra is a very effective ED pill for firm erections. From looking at the ingredient profile I saw that there is a lot of L-Arginine HCI used which is 600mg.

This is an amino acid that produces nitric oxide – a reactive gas [Source] – that dilates blood vessels for better blood flow.

If you want to use this stay hard pill then I recommend that you drink one capsule at a time to prevent choking or “stuck in the throat” feeling.

And also you should take with food in the morning and don’t exceed 3 pills per day.

Male Extra
  • Quality
  • Ingredients
  • Erection Power
  • Side Effects
  • Effectiveness



#3 VigFX Pills – A Slow Release ED Med


VigFX Pills is a new male virility supplement on the market. However the ingredients are the same as VigRX Plus but the only thing different is that it’s encapsulated in an enteric coating of a liquid gel cap.

Now what does this means to you?…

Well due to its enteric coating it would not dissolve in the stomach which is an acidic environment. This well made get hard pill would only dissolve in the small intestine – which is an alkaline environment – where the nutrients actually absorb into the body.

And the because the pill is a gelatin capsule – made of bovine gelatin – it slowly releases the powerful ingredients into your system giving you maximum libido results.

So due to these subtle changes, VigFX Pills have an absorption rate of 90% whereas non-enteric tablets have only 10%.

VigFX Pills pride itself in increasing your erection quality the first month, then improve your sexual stamina the second month, and the third month and beyond making you into a real stud in bed.

My experience with VigFX was not the same as VigRX Plus or Prosolution Plus. To tell you the truth I hardly noticed anything the first 5 days of use!

However on the 6 days onwards I started feeling some frequent and harder erections.

My penis was subtly looking fatter too. Also when I had intercourse I found that I was able to last longer – on the 6 days! I was amazed…

You see when I was using VigRX Plus, Male Extra and Prosolution Plus I didn’t noticed the longer stamina in bed so soon – only faster erections. So VigFX wins in the premature ejaculation category.

But if you want faster erections and more sexual desires in less time then VigRX Plus below is for you. As VigFX claims, it slowly releases the ingredients into your body.

So basically its not a pill to use to get hard fast. Its great to use like a daily multivitamin for better everyday sexual performance.

VigFX Pills
  • Quality
  • Ingredients
  • Erection Power
  • Side Effects
  • Effectiveness


#2 Prosolution Plus – An OTC Erection Pill That Work


The first day of use I hardly noticed anything. On the second day, I used 2 Prosolution Plus tablets I started feeling an erection within 2 hours.

The daily dosage is 2 pills. The company says that the ingredients need to build up in your body. And they are surely right.

This herbal stamina pill is manufactured with the main aim to prevent premature ejaculations. However you wouldn’t become a stud in bed overnight with 2 pills.

You would have to take this formula over 3 months to last longer in bed. So apart from giving you sexual stamina, it contains ingredients to give you frequent and strong erections.

Concerning the side effects of taking this supplement, I didn’t experience any side effects. Yes you’ve read that correct. I didn’t get the slightest side effects.

I drank the pills and they went down smooth – with no upset stomach. Only pure results of hard boners.

Prosolution Plus
  • Quality
  • Ingredients
  • Erection Power
  • Side Effects
  • Effectiveness


#1 VigRX Plus – The Long Standing Male Erection Pill of Over 12 Years on the Market


When I started in the male enhancement industry in 2006, VigRX Plus was selling on the market. Its 2018 and its still going strong! Time speaks for itself.

This natural sex pill works. Over 40,000 men are looking for this product every month. Why? VigRX Plus works.

And I can attest to it too. Well first I was skeptical. So I bought some. On the first day, I didn’t notice anything much.

But on the second day of use, I noticed a big difference in my hardness. My penis was getting frequently erected during the day.

The dosage for this get hard and stay hard pill is 2 per day and also you can drink one tablet 1 hour before intercourse for maximum power.

Basically, once this supplement [like Prosolution Plus above] builds up in your body, you can expect to get regular erections after 60 minutes of use.

However, unlike the boners from unsafe fast acting male enhancement pills, I can control the erections. Yeah.

When I feel like I’m getting hard and I don’t want the erection, I just take my mind off it – and the erection subsides. Nice and safe.

VigRX Plus
  • Quality
  • Ingredients
  • Erection Power
  • Side Effects
  • Effectiveness


How to Spice Up These Best Boner Pills For Instant Hard On


I’ve discussed the best erection pills above for making and keeping you hard that you should trust and buy.

However to spice things up some more, you can have instant hard on when using these formulas with a topical male enhancement cream or enhancer.

These products are Prosolution Gel and VigRX Oil.

VigRX Oil is a penis oil that would give you all the above as Prosolution Gel but in the form of a transdermal oil. The tech term transdermal means the ingredients would be absorb directly and quickly into your skin to your bloodstream – with the help of special skin penetration compounds. [Source]

With regular topical oils, the skin absorption is passive – meaning that it would take its time to penetrate.

So what does that mean above for VigRX Oil? You would have an instant rock hard erection that can penetrate her every time.

Apart from that, this oil is non-sticky, edible and would cause your partner to feel some scintillating benefits on her private too!

VigRX Oil
  • Quality
  • Ingredients
  • Erection Power
  • Side Effects
  • Effectiveness

Prosolution Gel is a penis cream formulated to be directly apply to your penis shaft. In seconds you would feel the formula working as the L-Arginine inside rushes to produce nitric oxide – the blood vessel dilation gas.

This gel would give you a bigger erection, longer sexual stamina and a super duper orgasm that would make you want one every time. I have tried this cream and I can honestly say that I experienced every bit of what I just said!

A final point is that these topical erection enhancers don’t give you the negative side effects like last longer cream. Last longer creams contain either Lidocaine or Benzocaine which numbs your penis.

After you ejaculate the first time, it would be difficult for you to get another erection to go the second time.

I actually experience this a long time ago when I used a Lidocaine penis cream. My wife wanted to go again but I couldn’t get it up, my organ was “dead”.

The Lidocaine cream numb the nerves too much. Oh men, this was an embarrassing moment for me that I threw the cream away instantly!

However with VigRX Oil and Prosolution Gel, they contain natural ingredients. One ingredient is Menthol which gives a little cool burning feeling initially. But after the cream absorbs into your penis, the burning sensation goes away.

The Menthol is used to prevent premature ejaculations but this doesn’t happen after a few uses. You need to go well beyond the 2 month.

And the amazing thing is that after your first ejaculation your penis is ready to get hard again to go another time!

Prosolution Gel
  • Quality
  • Ingredients
  • Erection Power
  • Side Effects
  • Effectiveness

When I used an erection pill in conjunction with a penis cream, I get the hardest erection ever. My wife told me when I tried to enter her that I’m “hard like a stone”.

I had to chuckle.

Her naive description sounded so sweet. You know I use words like hard-rock or rock hard erections. So if you have problems with getting a really hard erection, then use the products I recommended below.


Where to Buy These Safe Pills to Get Hard & Creams Over the Counter


In short, it is important that you buy these supplements from the official website and seller. Over the years there have been counterfeit VigRX Plus pills selling online at a cheap price. Many customers were scammed.

Due to this the company [Leading Edge Health] has implemented an authenticity checker on the box of each of VigRX Plus.

This is a code which you check against their verification website. This step was imperative as the company can have a bad name like this.

Anyways I have included the links below to the official website for each of the products I recommend.

Also I gave you below a link to another of their main official website where you can actually buy more than products at the same time – saving you on shipping cost.

To sum things up, I recommend if you want to have sex frequently then you should buy VigRX Plus, if you want a slow releasing formula for regular sex then buy VigFX Pills, if you have a problem with premature ejaculations then buy at least a 3 months supply of Prosolution Plus and finally buy a 3 month supply of Male Extra if you want the cheaper version of VigRX Plus.


#1 – Click here to buy VigRX Plus


#2 – Click here to buy VigFX Pills


#3 – Click here to buy Prosolution Plus


#4 – Click here to buy Male Extra


#1 – Click here to buy VigRX Oil


#2 – Click here to buy Prosolution Gel


Please note that there are discounts and bonuses for buying more than multiple months supply of each product above. See the website order page for more details on that. These websites above have a Rated R web design.

And finally you can buy all of the above enhancement products except Male Extra at this website below. This website has a PG 13 web design.


<< Click here to buy all the male enhancement pills and creams at one website. >>


The advantages of buy from one website is that you will save on shipping cost, get a $25 permanently gift card you can use forever over $100 purchases and will get Free Express Shipping on orders over $300 too.

In conclusion, no matter which otc erection pills you choose to buy, you need to use it continuously in your life to keep your fire burning ;).

Remember these supplements are made to use daily; and as we age, our sex drive decline – so using the right libido enhancers are a must for a healthy and lasting sex life.